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Thank you for taking the time to check out this space it means so much to me ♥

For those who do not know me personally my name is Natasha Medlar. I am the Founder of Women’s Unity Movement, the Creator of Body Beautiful, an Anti Domestic Violence Advocate and the Writer behind this website.

Women’s Unity Movement is a registered business in Australia which was founded in April 2017 and is the first of it’s kind. The purpose of Women’s Unity Movement is to bring all women of various faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds together to unite as one. We aim to create social change by promoting female empowerment and self love by educating one another about our differences, while celebrating diversity. I achieve this by hosting elegant & fun ladies only events every 2-3 months; to date I have hosted 8 events in Perth, Australia and 2 events in Los Angeles. The events on average cater between 50 – 100+ women per time, of various faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities. My intention is to continue hosting events Internationally in various countries, in order to continue spreading the message and awareness.

Women’s Unity Movement’s DV Support Group provides support, guidance and assistance to women whom are current Victims of Domestic Abuse / Survivors of Domestic Abuse. Isolation plays a huge role in an abusive environment, leaving these women feeling alone, fearing for their lives and unknowing of where to turn to or whom they can trust. WUM’s DV Support Group is run by myself and joining me is a small team of women from across the globe, ready to be the pillar of strength and positivity you need, when you need it most. Any and all communication is kept confidential and we assure you coming to us is a safe place. To date I have assisted 7 women out of Domestic Abuse relationships; 4 women in USA, 2 women in Australia and one female in Nigeria. We offer these services free of charge as we only yearn to build up women who have walked in the same shoes as we have. You can reach us simply via one of the contact methods listed below.

This website is a platform for all women worldwide, in encouraging women to join me in using their voice to speak out on issues affecting women in our community. My intention is to create awareness and promote female empowerment, self love, unity, while celebrating diversity globally. I aim to do my part in breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions that the media AND society portray that we should live up to. To remind all women that regardless of race, skin colour, religious beliefs, lifestyles and backgrounds that we are ALL the same, WE ARE ALL ONE. That we need to show love, respect and kindness to one another, uplift one another and stay UNITED with each other.

On this website I will be discussing exciting Local & International projects that I am working on, Interviewing inspiring women also making change in the world, as well as speaking on issues that we women as a whole face on a regular basis, sometimes even daily. Such issues include Equality, Domestic Violence, Discrimination, Body Issues to name a few. Through this I hope you all learn something new; as one can never have enough knowledge!

May this site leave you feeling empowered, strong & inspired.

Make it teach you to love and accept yourself for who YOU truly are.

May it teach you to remain humble and open minded.

May it teach you to love one another and not judge a person regardless of race, skin colour, choice of lifestyle, religion, or how one may choose to dress.

May it teach you to accepting and kind as opposed to hate and discriminate.

With love,

Natasha Medlar
IG : @natasha_medlar
Facebook : Natasha Medlar
Website : http://www.facebook.com/womensunitymovement
Email : womensunitymovement@gmail.com
Natasha’s Email : natashamedlar89@gmail.com





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