WUM Presents TRUTH SERIES : Living with Homelessness : Sheila

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Women’s Unity Movement presents the third of our TRUTH Series; the focus of the third segment being discussing Homelessness. In this segment we will hear from 4 inspiring, positive and brave diverse men and women who will each share their own personal stories on living with Homelessness. I pray this segment educates many whom come across it and that it also helps give strength to those facing the same or a similar obstacle at present.

My intentions for all various segments of the TRUTH series is to educate others who may not be aware of such issues, whether it’s because it has never been a challenge they themselves have faced, to educate those whom are aware but choose to ignore the issue/s and lastly to help encourage others in being brave in speaking out. As we know, knowledge is key.

I would like to introduce you to Sheila Muhammad. Sheila who now goes by the name Sheila Clark / Turban Cousin Sheila / The Homeless Diva, is a 57-year-old woman who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Having experienced chronic homelessness, herself for the past 17 years, her advocacy also extends to the abandoned and neglected rising homeless community. Although her life has been plagued with several challenges to which include childhood, teenage, and adult abuse, Sheila states that her mission is love, her purpose is advocacy, and her passion is caring service to others.  She is currently working on uploading her in depth biographical documentary to social media.

“I often question the state of humanity when it comes to this homeless crisis. I for one have started to think it could be deliberate? Possibly a form of population control? Why you ask? Because people are dying out here! There is way too much neglect, abandonment, abuse, indifference, greed, fear, and un-forgiveness in this world”. – Sheila Muhammad

Click the link below to hear Sheila share her powerful, inspiring, courageous and humbling story.

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