Women’s Unity Movement presents the first of our TRUTH Series; the focus of the first segment being on Men and Domestic Violence. In this segment we will hear from a few men whom have been brave enough to come forward and share their own personal stories of having survived Domestic Violence in one or more of the various forms. We will also hear from a few men on their opinions and thoughts about Domestic Violence being inflicted on women.

My intentions for all various segments of the TRUTH series is to educate others who may not be aware of such issues, whether it’s because it has never been a challenge they themselves have faced, or whether they don’t choose to pay attention to global news, to educate those whom are aware but choose to ignore the issue/s and lastly to help encourage others in being brave in speaking out. As we know, knowledge is key.

As an advocate for Domestic Violence and having been an 8-year Survivor myself, I voice out time and time again that women are not the only victims; children, the elderly and MEN are also victims. The statistics may not be as considerably high as the statistics for women being abused, but there’s no denying the fact that there are many women who abuse men. Whether it be their children, their partners, their co-workers, friends and so on.

I truly commend the men featured in this series for breaking their silence and choosing to come forward on this platform. My intention by creating this series is to educate others who may not be aware of men also being victims, educating those whom are aware but choose to ignore the issue and lastly to help encourage other men to be brave in speaking out. Knowledge is key.

Back on November 30th 2018 when Women’s Unity Movement was providing aid to those in need on the streets of Los Angeles, we decided to ask some men for their thoughts on Domestic Violence. I couldn’t capture the whole story but we had the chance to speak to this sweet guy right here who’s not only younger than me, but also currently homeless. Majority of the reason of him being homeless is due to the effect of an abusive relationship with his previous girlfriend.

He spoke to us on how his ex would slap him, throw punches at him and that no matter how drunk he was, no matter what drugs he was on, he never let it get to a point of him retaliating. He also spoke to us about some undealt trauma he has lingering due to having suffered domestic abuse by his father while growing up.

I pray in time his heart heals & he is able to start a new.

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