WUM’s LA Homeless Drive 2


On Friday November 30th 2018 Women’s Unity Movement took to the streets of LA & were able to give back to the community by providing 55 people in need with daily essential care packages with the funds they had raised. Each pack included 2 razors, a toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, tissues & sanitary wipes.



This was such a powerful & emotional day yet the people we met were so inspiring, so strong & held strongly onto their faith.



la part stock

Some of the items that were included in the distribution

A huge thank you to Angela Davis for assisting me thoroughly with the drive and directing us on the best areas to visit to enable us to assist. A huge thank you to Angela’s children for all their help & for filming / taking photos and a huge thank you to Kat and Sara for assisting me with distributing the packs. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the NYC & LA Homeless Drives.

Below is a video glimpse into this amazing day.

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