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The aim of Women’s Unity Movement’s project BODY BEAUTIFUL is to not only celebrate Female Empowerment and Unity, but to strongly promote Self Love & Confidence celebrating women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, skin tones, shapes and sizes. In other words, to redefine the misconcepted stereotypical “Media Beauty” & take a stand for all women worldwide.

My goals are for Body Beautiful and each participant to inspire the younger generation and society itself. – Natasha Toffa (Founder of Women’s Unity Movement / Creator of Body Beautiful) 🌸

Directed & Produced by : Natasha Toffa
Filmed and Edited by : Simrah Farrukh

Models: Jamie – @monolidmami – Korean/American

Stefanye – @stefanyefalco – Brazillian/Italian

Jauzlynn – @_jhundred – Puerto Rican/Spanish/Italian

Sadiyah – @sadiyahsmiles – Sudanese/Arab/Nigerian

Natasha – @natashatoffa – Australian/Anglo Indian

Aditi – Indian/American


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