YESSSS YOU READ RIGHT!! On Monday July 23rd I MADE IT TO BBC! All praise to God!!

So, how did this happen?!? Well, sometime mid -April BBC Minute started following me on Instagram and reached out to me via DM after I had commented on a video they had posted. Olivia; a Journalist for BBC Minute, shortly learnt I was much more than just a Plus Size Fashion Blogger. From there we began chatting daily about a feature collaboration that would educate so many on Domestic Violence and the work I have been doing in the past year to assist women around the world. I won’t go into too much detail as the video will speak for itself.

My heart is still so overwhelmed, to know that my BBC story is one of the most shared BBC stories in a week via BBC digital platforms! The video even got played on BBC tv and Sky News tv IN the UK!! It has been shared to:
BBC News
BBC News Africa
BBC News India
BBC News Swahili
BBC Stories
BBC World Service
BBC Trending
+ over 700 other business / personal fb accounts
BBC Minute Instagram + various other Instagram personal / business pages


I’m just so thankful that so much awareness and exposure has been created from this video on Domestic Abuse. It truly saddens me that DV is such a norm and what, we are expected to just accept that ?! One of the main things we need to do is educate men and women on the early signs to help prevention in the future. I pray my message continues to spread awareness, educate others and encourage more to speak out. By God’s will I will continue to be the voice for those women without, to inspire women and educate the unknown.

Again I would like to thank BBC for this amazing opportunity and for conveying my message and the work I am doing in the most positive way.  I would like to thank each person who took the time to watch my video and hear my story. I would like to thank those who have been sharing the video to spread the awareness. If you haven’t already I humbly request you to please repost this video to continue spreading the awareness about DV, you don’t know who may be in a time of need and this video may just give them the motivation and courage they need to also get out.

The full video can be viewed via the below link:



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