Meet the Women of Body Beautiful NYC


With the OFFICIAL RELEASE of Body Beautiful NYC just around the corner, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to the FABULOUS, GORGEOUS, DIVERSE, FIERCE women who represent….BODY BEAUTIFUL NEW YORK CITY!!!

photo Natasha (28) the woman behind “Body Beautiful International” Project was born in Perth, Western Australia and is of Indian / European heritage. She works full time as an Administration Assistant, is the Founder of Women’s Unity Movement, an Anti-Domestic Violence Advocate and a Fashion / Social Change Blogger.

Instagram : @natasha_medlar

You Tube : Natasha Medlar



22427508_1349706728474039_1752262681567428608_n(1)Nira who was our Film Maker for Body Beautiful NYC, is an Egyptian / American Photographer and an aspiring Filmmaker residing in New Jersey. She is in the middle of obtaining her Bachelor in Animation and Digital Film, and also happens to be an artistic Fashion Blogger and Henna Artist.

Instagram : @nira_nyc




image1Rocci is a Native American / African American Professional Model currently living in NYC by way of Toronto, Canada. She has been featured in Elle Canada, Teen Vogue, and has even worked with Beyoncé. Rocci also has an academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Criminology. She hopes to gain a platform in her Modelling career to use to her advantage in Social Justice Issues, Activism and Prison Reform.

Instagram : @rocci_rozayy


20180617_112303Idalmy (22) is a Honduran / American, Afro-Latina plus size fashionista residing in New York City. Idalmy aspires to teach women that self-improvement is a multi-dimensional journey and beauty can be exuded through any, and all, phases one’s body experiences. She is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, specifically Exercise and Movement Science, seeking to motivate people to implement fitness into their lives and obtain health in a progressive and personalised fashion.

Instagram : @__idalmy__


unnamedJanai (19) is an African American Model and Social Media Influencer residing in New York City. She aims to promote positivity and confidence with short hair through her YouTube and Instagram accounts to make women feel beautiful within themselves.





unnamed (1)Shannon (30) is of Italian / Irish / American heritage residing in Astoria, New York. She works as an Early Intervention Speech-Language Pathologist. Shannon’s true passions in life are the Education of children and Fashion. She prides herself on being a compassionate, confident and independent woman and strives to inspire others to accept and love themselves for who they really are.





Kaiisa (26) is a New York City Social Media Visualista originally from the Beautiful Island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. In Kaiisa’s words, “You can find me seeking the sunrise at dawn or in the midst of everything seeking new and different art. I live to make people laugh and I will continue to live life in a way that I can become and remain an inspiration to others”.

Instagram : @st.kaii




image1Gayathri (31) was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and is of Indian heritage, residing in Perth, Western Australia. She is the Manager of Lovisa; a fashion accessory store. Gayathri just so happened to be in New York with Natasha at the time of filming for Body Beautiful so of COURSE she had to have Gayathri join in!

Instagram : @g3s




Snapchat-302677367Maryem (30) is an Egyptian/ American living and working in New York City. She is a qualified Makeup Artist and Beauty Class Facilitator at Sephora. When Maryem isn’t glamming up one of her clients or modeling for a plus size clothing designer, you’ll find her participating in various volunteer services.

Instagram : @maryem1279



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