I’m in ABC Iview’s “Hijabistas”!


Hello to all my lovelies around the globe! Welcome back :*

I recently made my first TV-like debut!!! LOL Okay well I guess I better EXPLAIN that a little bit better now that I have your attention 😛

Around May last year Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted a photo on her Instagram page in search of Australian Muslim Fashionista Hijabi women in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne for an upcoming project. No mention of Perth but STILL I didn’t hesitate to repost the photo on my Instagram story asking my real ones to comment my name on her post in hopes of catching her attention with the possibility of considering little ol’ me! Little did I know most of the hundreds of comments on the post were mostly just my name and stating why I should be chosen and well, it definitely caught the right eyes Alhamdulilah.

25005889_172598526663103_708256196916884275Fast forward to multiple phone conversations with one of the main ABC Producers for the show, I was flown out by ABC on August 17th last year for 2 days filming in Sydney. This was my first time visiting Sydney and the perfect excuse for doing so! Getting to meet Yassmin, visit Sydney, convey and share a bit of my story for the viewers, all for a good cause of empowerment and education.

The purpose of the show was to educate the viewers on the rapid growth of the term “Australian Modest Fashion”. Sharing with the viewers exactly what it is, what it means and why it’s here to STAY. Participating and featured in the miniseries was a range of Male and Female Muslim’s from Designers to Artists and of course; the Fashionista’s. I am so grateful to God that I got to be the one chosen to represent Perth, the Perth Muslim Community, Plus Size women and Convert Muslims. It was truly an honour to have been a different voice that was relatable to many in similar situations to myself.

To watch the 8 part miniseries simply visit the below link or by downloading the ABC Iview app on your phone. Enjoy!




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