Welcome back everyone!

On Sunday April 29th Women’s Unity Movement hosted their 1st International Event (woohoooo) a chic private high tea at Hi Socie-Tea in Hollywood, LA for an amazing group of diverse women. We all laughed and conversated, sipped from flavoursome tea, devoured yummy treats and heard from two inspiring Guest Speakers; Romina Rosales and Jauzlynn McCormick. Each guest was moved and inspired, it was truly an afternoon to remember.

I would like to introduce you all to the second guest speaker we had present at our event who is also someone I now call a close friend; Jauzlynn McCormick. Jauzlynn is a 26 year old LA based Puerto Rican / Mexican woman living with 16 illnesses as well as a Benign brain tumour. Apart from all her struggles and battles throughout life thus far, Jauzlynn has found a lot of happiness in pursing her passions; she is an Artist, a Homelessness and Disabilities Advocate, and a Makeup Artist. Here’s her story….



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