WUM Los Angeles Event – Romina Rosales


Welcome back everyone!

On Sunday April 29th Women’s Unity Movement hosted their 1st International Event (woohoooo) a chic private high tea at Hi Socie-Tea in Hollywood, LA for an amazing group of diverse women. We all laughed and conversated, sipped from flavoursome tea, devoured yummy treats and heard from two inspiring Guest Speakers; Romina Rosales and Jauzlynn McCormick. Each guest was moved and inspired, it was truly an afternoon to remember.

I would like to introduce you all to Romina Rosales, Founder of LA based social enterprise; Queens Of The Underworld. Romina is a 43-year-old Argentinian migrant sex worker who aims to help, educate and make a difference in the lives of sex workers and homeless women. She is committed to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere where sex workers can connect with resources and to learn self-care and awareness through classes, mentorship, and peer support.

Romina is active within her community often giving back to the homeless on Skid row once a month, working with sex workers at the strip club where she presently works at and on social media. To reach more sex workers, Romina started to use social media to talk about her life experiences, her anxiety and depression issues, and to share skills that have helped her. Romina is an inspiration to all women, regardless of difference in backgrounds. Here’s her story…



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