I’m a Writer for Love U Magazine USA

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Hello readers around the globe ❤

I hope you are all having an amazingggg weekend!

For those who don’t follow me on social media, I thought I’d share some exciting news. Saturday January 20th I became an addition to Love U Magazine’s team as a Contributing Writer!!! For those who aren’t familiar as yet with Love U Magazine, they are a Florida based digital magazine that features body-positive fashion and address women empowerment issues, quarterly each year.

The 4 releases are made up of equally attention grabbing issues; there’s “The Power Issue”, “The Hot Issue”, “The Butterfly Issue” and “The Black & White Issue”. I’m not going to go into depth about what each Issue relates to as each one is always a surprise I do not want to ruin LOL, however you can read and view all previous released issues via the below link:


Love U Magazine is made up of a team of international Contributing Writers and Photographers who are passionate about creating a magazine that inspires and uplifts its readers, which is not often associated with traditional industry norms. Love U Magazine believes that ALL women are equally beautiful and you all know I support and stand strongly with this! Love U Magazine want to empower and encourage all women to embrace their beauty and celebrate all women-regardless of size, shape, or ethnicity.

Their mission is to disrupt the industry by blurring the lines between magazines that only publish sample-size models and magazines that only publish plus-size models. Love U Magazine are also moving beyond traditional print distribution as they plan to incorporate a multi-media reading experience that integrates both video and audio into their publication.

The feeling is still unreal for me, not only am I excited to be writing for a MAGAZINE but for a Magazine and Editor that upholds and strongly believes in everything that I also believe in and stand for, WOW! Big things are coming to Love U Magazine and as females, we DEFINETLY need to get behind them and show our support! ❤

Check out Love U Magazine’s website : http://www.loveumagazine.com



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