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Today’s post is a MUCH OVERDUE one; I’m taking it back to Saturday, November 11th 2017 where I hosted the 5th Women’s Unity Movement event for 2017.  This also happened to be our BIGGEST Event of the year, consisting of a total guest list of 125 guests! From our first event in April consisting of 32 guests to 125 guests within a six month period, I  am ever SO GRATEFUL!

DSC_0090 copy

The theme was a Black & White Boat Party which commenced at sunset, taking us on a scenic route around the Swan River. The evening entailed a boat full of beautiful glam women of so many diverse backgrounds, delicious Arabian food (provided by Nile Cafe) along with plenty of dancing & partying all night of course!

Our entertainment for the evening was provided by Perth’s renowed DJ Veeness & Belly Dancer Karimah of Bollywood Bombshells. Joining us were our 3 Guest Speakers; Astrid : Founder of BEYA Model Academy, Shumi : Founder of Face of Africa Australia, & Jade : Founder of Girl Gang Australia.


L-R: Shumi : Founder of Face of Africa Australia, Jade : Founder of Girl Gang Australia, Natasha : Founder of Women’s Unity Movement, Astrid : Founder of BEYA Model Academy.

The event was a perfect way to spend a summer evening and a great way to close Women’s Unity Movement for 2017. I can’t wait for you all to see just what we have in store for 2018. A huge thank you to all of our guests whom have attended all / any of our events, we are so grateful for your support throughout the year

DSC_0084 copy

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