Helllloooo my amazing lovebug readers all over the globe ❤

It’s now the 6th of September and as per yesterday’s blog post, I’m trying to get yall up to date with what’s been happening in my life from June til now! So today’s post takes us back to July 29th where I was featured on BUZZFEED! YES I know, TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS & UNREAL!! We all know Buzzfeed no matter where we are living in the globe and even though I wasn’t featured in an written article piece, video or an interview, THIS IS STILL A BIG DEAL TO ME! 🙂

For someone who has been dealing with yoyo weight issues all her life, suffered bullying throughout school, I found somewhat confidence when I had reached a slim size 8-10 at the age of 14. Enter diagnosis of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) when I was 18, from then til now my weight has been going up down up down, hence the yoyo term.

After serious consideration and determination for gastric sleeve surgery, for more wrong reasons than right ones, I am slowly accepting myself as a whole; inwardly and outwardly. I am content with how I look, I’m EMBRACING the truth that I am plus size! I’m not the size 10 I was back in high school and even so, I am not ugly like I was brainwashed to believe for sooo many years by my ex. I’m BEAUTIFUL, regardless of my lumps and bumps. I’m PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. There is NOTHING wrong being plus size, as long as I exercise regularly & do my best to stay healthy. Funnily enough even though I’m plus size I don’t have much cellulite on my body whatsoever LOL! Winninggg 😉

I have been working HARD to put Plus Size Modest Fashion on the MAP in Australia AND on a Global scale along with my other plus size muslimah queenssss around the globe. It’s not an easy task shopping for modest wear when being plus size but trust me it’s FUN! We get to take an outfit so many smaller girls are wearing and give it a different FLAVOUR, give it our own lil twist and SLAY! ❤

So to have a company like BUZZFEED notice ME, A PLUS SIZE MUSLIMAH QUEEN in the oddly unknown city of Perth, Australia and reach out to me asking if they can feature me in their post “How To Recreate 12 Stylish Outfits We Saw On Instagram This Week” I had no hesitations at all sayin YASSSSSSSSSS!!

I was the only Muslimah featured in the Buzzfeed post and am so grateful to God that Plus Size Muslimah Fashion is getting the recognition it deserves!! May us Plus Size babes continue inspiring our generation and the generations to come. May we help them to understand that there is nothing wrong being plus size AS LONG AS YOU ARE EXERCISING AND KEEPING HEALTHY! ❤




To view the full post on Buzzfeed simply click https://www.buzzfeed.com/anamariaglavan/awesome-outfits-we-saw-on-instagram-this-week?utm_term=.me6d5xeo9k#.jweVN3KOLJ

Until next time ladies ❤

Natasha Toffa
Founder of Women’s Unity Movement
Fashion & Social Change Blogger
1st Plus Size Muslim Girl on an Australian Fashion Runway #TPFF2017
Blog: www.womensunitymovement.wordpress.com
IG: www.instagram.com/natasha_toffa
FB: www.facebook.com/womensunitymovement

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