WUM 2nd Event

Hellloooooo ladies & Salaams !! 🙂

I hope you are all well! Wow, it’s been a LONG time hasn’t it?! So much for weekly blog posts (insert crying emoji). For those who don’t follow me on facebook or instagram, I have been extremely busy for the past few months; but August was a month that just flew by within a FLASH!

August 2nd I flew out to South Africa with my hubby for a family vacation; arrived back in Perth in the afternoon of August 12th jetlagged, but still game enough to host the 3rd Women’s Unity Movement Event the next day! LOL. Crazy I know. Four days later I was flown to Sydney by ABC for Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s Hijabi Fashion Project, then the following weekend I hosted the 4th Women’s Unity Movement event. Between full time work, running two businesses, being a wifey, a mom to a 4 legged puppy and a social life, I am now currently preparing for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival THIS SATURDAY! Rest, what is that? That word seems super foreign to me these days 😛 But I DO KNOW another spa day is coming up very soon!

So, where do I start from !? Let’s take it back to June; on Saturday 17th June I hosted the second Women’s Unity Movement Event which was held again at Mela Indian Restaurant in their private function room. The event was another great success consisting of 34 wonderful Perth women, all of different ages, races, backgrounds and skin colour. Look at all these gorgeous women who attended to support the movement mashallah!

Until next time ladies ❤

Natasha Toffa
Founder of Women’s Unity Movement
Fashion & Social Change Blogger
1st Plus Size Muslim Girl on an Australian Fashion Runway #TPFF2017
Blog: www.womensunitymovement.wordpress.com
IG: www.instagram.com/natasha_toffa
FB: www.facebook.com/womensunitymovement

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