Surviving Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Abuse as a Abstract

Welcome back everyone,

It has been 6 years since my Domestic Violence relationship “officially” ended and it has taken me all this time to heal, start a new and finally be ready to openly speak out about my previous relationship. To date I have never openly shared my story nor parts of my story in detail with anyone; whether it be friends or family. I decided I was now ready to address it and thought the best way to do so was via one platform, being You Tube for all to hear.

This video was not made in an attempt to gain pity nor attention. I have made this video in order to help those around the world whom are current victims of DV and newly Survivors like myself. I wanted to show these women that they aren’t alone and that this isn’t the life they are deserving of nor to need to continue living in.

May this video help empower, give strength and courage to women globally whom are currently in a Domestic Violence relationship or whom have recently gotten out of one. I had planned to include all of my story and share how I FINALLY got out of that toxic relationship, but I couldn’t finish my emotions were too high. I will make a continuation video the weeks to come.



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