WUm 1st Event



Hello & welcome ! ❤

This week’s blog post is about the Women’s Unity Movement Dinner Event I hosted on Saturday April 22nd 2017. This was my first time hosting an Event & was a very proud, yet humble accomplishment for me.

I created this event with the purpose being to bring Muslim & Non Muslim women together in a social yet intimate gathering. To remind them that regardless of skin colour, religious beliefs, ethnicities we are all equal women at the end of the day. It was a reminder that we need to uplift one another, support one another, love & empower one another & put an end to the discrimination, the hate, the gossiping & the judgement.

It was a great success & a wonderful turnout with a variety of 31 women of different ages, different backgrounds & different faiths. The feedback from the time of having created this event until now has been overwhelmingly positive and so many ladies are asking me WHEN is the next Women’s Unity Movement Gathering! Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming Event that we will be hosting in June!


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