Makeup on-the-go in 5 minutes using 5 products <3

Hello everyone and welcome back ! 🙂


So I’ve been requested by quite a few people to do a piece on what makeup to wear when you are in a hurry, so I thought i’d give my opinion on makeup on the go in 5 minutes by using just 5 products!

What you will need:
1. BB Cream or CC Cream or Liquid/Mousse/Cream foundation
2. Face Powder / Translucent Setting powder
3. Blush / Bronzer
4. Mascara
5. Lipstick / Lip stain / Lip gloss
images 1. (You should already have moisturiser on as as part of your daily routine). Apply your chosen number 1 product to your face and neck; this is going to even out your skin tone and give your skin that flawless smooth look. CC cream for those who are unaware is basically the next level up from BB cream; like BB cream it contains tinted moisturiser but also a foundation component to give your skin a more flawless complexion and lasts longer than the BB.
download Sometimes when i’m doing this makeup routine I apply BB/CC cream and other times I choose foundation itself, depends how I feel my skin is looking eg. if i have a pimple i’m trying to conceal or redness then i’d go for the liquid foundation. My favourite CC cream is the Farmasi CC cream in medium-dark which I got as a gift at a beauty blogger event in KL last year. My favourite liquid foundation is MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25.
2. Face powder is optional if you want more coverage then apply it or if you are satisfied with how step 1 has made your skin look then you can just apply the translucent setting powder to lock in step 1 and keep it lasting all day without your makeup going splotchy or rubbing off. My favourite face powder is MAC Studio Fix in NC25 & translucent powders I usually use any from the drugstore.
3. I truly believe in blush or bronzer, never do I apply foundation without also adding blush or bronzer. By applying your step one product you are concealing your natural flush of pink on your cheeks as well as any redness etc. By adding blush you are putting back some colour into your face or adding bronzer to create definition and colour contrast. Whichever you feel more comfortable and suited with is up to you, I strongly suggest to apply one or the other so your skin doesn’t look flat with just one shade all over. I honestly don’t have a favourite bronzer or blush, I always experiment different shades & types from Sportsgirl, Gloss, any drugstore or from MAC.

images (1)

4. Mascara for me is alwayssss a must even on days when i’m at home relaxing I may add a little mascara just to brighten my eyes give them some oomph and make my lashes look pretty and glam. If you had to choose one eye product whether it be eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara I hope you also choose mascara. I’ve seen girls wearing just eyeliner on top or on the bottom and it always makes me wonder if they forgot to finish their eye makeup or just didn’t have time to apply mascara lol. Plus mascara is such a natural looking eye makeup product

MAC Iris Apfel Lipsticks
5. Last but not least one of my favourite products, LIPSTICK!  I strongly feel applying some colour on your lips whether you choose to wear natural tones, out of this world colours, or like me vampy lippies, is a must! If you spend your time doing steps 1-4 without step 5 look in the mirror you will definetly feel something is missing from the canvas. But again if you prefer to not wear any lip product at least apply lip balm to keep your lips soft and hydrated 🙂
I hope some of you found this post helpful 🙂
Until next time,
Natasha Toffa xox

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