Interview with the Al Houri Brothers aka Halal Worldwide Clothing 2.5.14

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1235233_708539725868752_5637265349952267989_n So I’ve been following these young fashionable muslim brothers on social media since late last year and mashallah I find them very inspiring! I along with sooooo many other people around the world have seen these three brothers start a clothing line based in Brooklyn, NY USA which is not only known in most of America but has become a well known success across the globe. And this was all within the first six months! Alhamdulilah!

By Allah the Al Houri brothers have taken something as a reminder and an encouragement to muslims and non muslims worldwide; promoting the key term “halal”. As muslims we are to live in a halal way not only by the food we eat or drink but also the way we dress, our actions, and the way we live our lives. From t shirts (long & short sleeved,) & hoodies with “Keep It Halal” or “Halal Worldwide” in English and Arabic, to beanies, this is just the beginning for these brothers Insha Allah. I was blessed to have the opportunity to interview the Al Houri brothers, although I would of loved to have met and interview them in person 🙂 I feel so inspired and motivated by them alhamdulilah, may Allah continue to bless them and their business with success Insha Allah.


5514_694714340584624_1930827863_n 1. Mashallah during the blessed month of Ramadan you both came up with the idea of Halal Worldwide Clothing. What made the Al-Houri Brothers want to start your own business in modest clothing? And how did you both decide on the name Halal Worldwide Clothing?

Since young boys we always liked being in style but we never followed the crowd; our fashion style always stood out. We always talked about how we wanted to start a clothing line that will change the world and last Ramadan was very big for us in coming closer to Allah. He gave us a choice to either follow the straight path & allow him to bless us, or to stray and of course we chose to follow the straight path alhamdulilah. As for the clothing line it started months before Ramadan but it picked up rapidly during Ramadan alhamdulilah. The name came from a combination of us striving for out clothing to reach worldwide and the way we live and promote for the ummah, to live halal worldwide.


1922177_676325045756887_256839172_n 2. Islamic clothing is rising and we are frequently seeing new upcoming brands. What is significant about your brand?

Our brand is not strictly an Islamic brand, we promote modesty for mankind. You do not have to be muslim to wear our clothing. The difference between our brand and other brands is we as designers are showing the world how to be modest, stylish and stand up for what you believe in all at the same time.


3. Can you describe how your clothing has evolved from last year until now?

Our brand has evolved simply by adding new designs and better material as well as better photography. We have way more designs to come though this is just the beginning insha Allah sister.


1458607_625944727461586_779949733_n 4. What has been the reception of your designs in Brooklyn, NY compared to other parts of the world?

The reception in Brooklyn and I would say the whole 5 boroughs of the city has been pretty good. The people are starting to take notice but we especially love our customers from around the world. May Allah bless them all for supporting us. We love them because they support there brothers from so far away alhamdulilah.


5. We always see so much love and support from muslims worldwide wearing your clothing, did you both ever think that Halal Worldwide would become this much of a success?

We give all of our success to Allah!! Yes we did because as Muslims we work hard and asked Allah to bless us with success, so after that we did not worry even when things would not look so good we knewt hat Allah always provides for us Alhamdulilah


10257694_708097082579683_4379345172670248875_n 6. Insha Allah what plans do you both have for Halal Worldwide Clothing in the near future?

We plan on putting out new designs, continuing to expand as a company, we are going to be working on promo videos as well Insha Allah so stayed tuned


1377432_608251602564232_1664960421_n Keep in touch with the Al Houri brothers & support Halal Worldwide Clothing:


Instagram:          halalworldwideclothing




Keep in touch with me:


Instagram:          natashatoffa

Natasha Toffa xox

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