Handy Makeup Tips 20.4.14

Hello & welcome ladies !! ❤ ❤


So today I thought I’d share some helpful everyday tips that I use whilst applying my makeup and some that I have been told by other makeup artists that will hopefully benefit you as well. Some of these tricks many of us may already know, but today’s post is mostly aimed at helping those girls who are new to makeup or rarely use it 🙂


  • Put sticky tape (if you don’t have eyeshadow shields) to the outer corner of your eye or under your lash line when applying eyeshadow or trying to create that perfect winged eyeliner. This will prevent fallout from your eyeshadow and help guide you when using eyeliner


  • Apply your mascara with fan nearby on low speed; this will help dry your lashes quicker enabling you to build up your lashes with extra coats without it going clumpy


  • Wet your eyeshadow brush before applying eyeshadow with Mac Studio Fix + or a makeup finishing spray or eye drops. This will make your eyeshadow truly pop and look really pigmented, even greater for those cheaper eyeshadows that don’t show a lot of colour


  • Concealer brushes come in handy not only for concealing but for also for the lips and eyes. After applying lipstick use your concealer brush (with its remainder of product on there), around your lips to make it look even neater and to clean up any areas you have accidentally overdrawn or smudged. When attemping to create that perfect cat eye or just getting that perfect straight liquid eye liner line, your concealer brush comes in handy to clean any errors or in getting the perfect wing


  • A good tip I was told a few months ago was that if you store your lipsticks in the fridge they will last longer, so give it a go! 🙂


  • Always, ALWAYS ALWAYS apply moisturiser to your face & neck before you apply any makeup. So many ladies skip the neck when it is just as important as the face! Applying moisturiser to your face and neck daily is super important because apart from keeping your face hydrated, it plumps up skin reducing the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles


  • Eye cream is another important product to use to help reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and bags under your eyes, I apply mine morning and night


  • For those who aren’t familiar with bronzer, bronzer is a much loved product by many including myself!! A great thing about bronzer is that it adds dimension and definition to the face and can give your face the illusion of being chiseled. Look that’s magic right there 😉 Bronzer is generally applied on the cheekbones, on the temples, along the jawline and on either side of your nose. Bronzer can be applied to only one of these areas of the face or on all four, just don’t go overboard ladies


  • If you don’t feel like applying a full face of makeup or want something natural for the day why not create your own tinted moisturiser! Add some foundation to your favourite moisturiser and there you have it


  • If you ever find yourself in a beauty rush with very minimal time to apply your makeup, I highly recommend applying foundation/bb cream, mascara, blush/bronzer and lipstick. That’s all you really need to look flawless!


  • Lipstick, now lipstick can really make or break a look. Too dark lipstick on a heavily made up face can look clownish. If you’ve made up your eyes heavily then go light on the lipstick and opt for a gloss or light shade. However if you are like me and prefer to go for a bold lip to keep it safe try to play down the rest of your makeup. A classic combination is the smokey eye with a neutral/coral/light pink lip. Another classic combination is a light pink lip and a natural eye. You can do a bright pink or a bright red lip but ensure the eyes aren’t overdone and especially ensure the coloured blush is kept to a minimum


I hope you all enjoyed this and if you have any feedback feel free to comment below or get in touch with me on my social media links:


Instagram:  natashatoffa


Natasha ❤ xox


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